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Fun Fun Brothers
By far this is the most well known and often discussed proto cartridge for the NeoGeo system. This is do to the fact that it was the first one to ever to be discovered. The history and origin of the cartridge is very interesting. It popped up on Ebay in early 1998 and it sold for $230. LB (a big neogeo collector) contacted the high bidder and offered him "double his money" ($460). So that bidder made a $230 profit without ever even receiving the game. The game went straight to LB, and has been with him ever since. Despite numerous requests from the community, LB has yet to share this wonderfull game with the rest of us. I myself have aquired information, screenshots, and even video taped footage of the game in action. It is a puzzle game that plays off the "Blues Brothers" movie theme. The ripped off plot goes something like this: An orphanage that is facing foreclosure desperately needs a financial miracle or they will lose the title deed to their property. The two blues brothers respond to the call claiming to be thieves of justice! Gameplay consists of the two thieves parking a truck next to a skyscraper. They break into the building and begin dropping stolen gems from the top of the tower. The multi-colored gems must be re-arranged and stacked in the truck below using typical puzzle game play mechanics. The music is a little repetitive, but quircky enough that you will soon find yourself humming right along! Also 2 player simultaneous play is available as well.