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Bang Bang Busters
This game is by Visco and was introduced back in 1994. It is an action-platform type game with play mechanics similar to Mario Brothers. You can actually "blow up" enemies by puffing them as is done in Dig Dug. It contains special bonus stages and bosses. It was recently rumored that the game was undergoing re-consideration for release in 2000. I do have some video footage of the game, and I do plan to post it in the near future. The game is also called "Bang 2 Busters" by some sources. As a point of reference, in the Japanese culture, it is considered to be a tremendous compliment when a proper name is "doubled". Examples: Joy Joy Kid, Fun Fun Brothers, Bang Bang Busters, Pair Pair Wars, Waku Waku Seven and even...Doki Doki Panic!, the little known cousin of the USA Super Mario Brothers 2!